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The official website of actor Nick Jandl.


activism & Issues

For over a decade, Nick has engaged in environmental, social, and political activism and research, working with and supporting various actions and organizations across the country.

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Nick recently became a trained leader through Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. Working with the former Vice President and many other visionary leaders in sustainability, renewable energy, social justice, and tech, Nick is developing innovative approaches to the global crisis of climate change. More info at

Organizing for america (OFA)

A issues advocacy group originally created by President Barack Obama, OFA has become a leading force for change across a wide range of issues. Nick first worked with OFA during the 2007 presidential race, and is now an active member of his local OFA chapter in California, focusing especially on climate issues and Congressional races.

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Madagascar semester abroad

Nick spent a semester away from Tufts University to live in Madagascar through SIT, the School for International Training. For almost 4 months, he studied ecology and conservation across the diverse and threatened ecosystems of Madagascar. Living in rural villages and with local families, most of Nick's semester was spent out in the field among the endemic flora and fauna. His final project focused on the prevalence of bycatch among the island's shrimp fishing industry.